Coaching for Better Outcomes

Gone are the days of organizational hierarchy with task-driven outcomes. High performing organizations of today exhibit shared leadership driven by aligned values. Ownership at all levels with a  culture of engaged and motivated employees doesn't just happen.

In collaboration with the Justice Coaching and Consulting Center, multi-level training options are available to organizations in building coaching and communication strategies for individuals, teams, and systems, such as:

  • Core Coaching Skills - Basic principles of coaching; levels of listening; confidentiality and trust; powerful questions; appreciative inquiry; and situational analysis and application.
  • Deepening the Skill Set - Advanced coaching skills; clearing assumptions; shifting perspectives; challenging mental models; gaining clarity and taking conscious action.
  • Creating a Coaching Culture - System impact; applying assessment tools and field work; thriving culture and leadership coaching.

All trainings are tailored to organizational needs. Additional services include Individual and team coaching, learning and practice labs, assessments for use in hiring, talent development, team enhancement, and 360 reviews.