Kate helped me learn to identify where I am reacting to the past instead of the present, she taught me new strategies to manage and develop relationships with colleagues and tools to help me be productive and successful even when our goals are murky.  Jess F., Marketing Manager

I've been through my share of leadership and management trainings. I couldn't imagine anything that Kate could tell me would be much different. I was very wrong. Kate gently guides you through complex professional experiences -- performance issues, leadership changes, team dynamics career transitions, etc. Insightful, professional and compassionate.  Megan C., Senior Director

In two short months, with Kate’s guidance, my dream is taking off beautifully.  Daily, pieces are clicking into place, and I am optimistic about  going forward.  Susan C., Business Owner

Clearing the path

from here... to there.

Kate Link, MSEd., CPCC, ACC
Internationally Certified Business, Life & Leadership Coach

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I'd love to hear about what you

want to claim.

Are you...

  • Ready to claim more leadership in your life?
  • Eager to walk your path, your way? 
  • Seeking convergence with other routes and with those who travel them?

What's stopping you?

I work with individuals ready to explore what's on their path and with a keen desire to move aside obstacles that block stepping forward. Whether you are an identified leader - senior level or burgeoning - or someone looking at leadership from a personal perspective, I can help you claim your ground and find your way. I also work with organizations to improve talent and leadership development, sustain a thriving culture, augment internal coaching skills and build effective teams. My marketing is usually by word-of-mouth. However if something inspires you on this website, welcome! Reach out for a free consultation and let's see if we are a good match.